Employer: Yaletown Pet Hospital
Location: Vancouver/Downtown
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description

The Yaletown Pet Hospital is looking for a RAHT/RVT to join their dynamic and growing practice! You will be joining a team of 18 trained technical staff and 6 doctors to provide a very high standard of veterinary care to a wide variety of cats and dogs. The shifts are 8 or 10 hours, 4 or 5 days a week, including one day on the weekend, with flexibility to swap shifts with other technicians. YPH is a high paced, challenging, and fun, multi doctor environment where we pride ourselves on an excellent standard of medicine and care. We provide our clients with the benefits of digital radiology (as well as digital dental radiology), laser therapy, in house blood services, routine and orthopedic surgery, all aspects of general medicine, specialist consultations in-clinic and a cat boarding facility. The chosen candidate will be provided competitive wages, training incentives, continuing education opportunities, uniforms, discounts on pet services and retail purchases, fitness facility access and personal health benefits (the latter is following 6 months of employment). We provide a cheerful environment that encourages growth and development of all our team members and we foster the values of respect and communication among our peers. If you feel you could be the perfect fit for our team, please send your resume and references. We look forward to hearing from you!


The candidate for this position MUST be a Animal Health Technician or equivalent, preferably with at least 1 year of clinical experience, but will consider a new grad with exceptional work ethic. A strong knowledge of anesthesia, dentistry, surgery support, patient care, critical care, and other veterinary technician skills are a must.

Starting Date: 2017-07-13
Wage: To Be Negotiated
Company Info

893 Expo Blvd Vancouver, BC V6B 1C4

Contact Name: DeAnna McCarthy
Company Email: info@yaletownpethsopital.com
Company Website: www.yaletownpethospital.com