Veterinary Technician

Employer: Canada West Veterinary Specialists
Location: Burnaby
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description

•Must develop a thorough understanding of all common drugs / medications used, procedures and protocols within the Wards and ICU, as well as the ability to use all equipment safely and effectively •Directly monitor, carry out treatments and procedures, ensure patient comfort and document care for patients so that accurate medical records are maintained and accurate invoicing can be done •In addition to written records, ensures that pertinent information and observations relating to patient care is provided to the next shift during oral rounds. •Carry out communication with; primary Doctor, Hospitalist regarding patient status updates, and alert of any changes or concerns. And Participate in communication with Clients. •Calculates, dispenses and administers medications at the direction of the Specialist on the case. •Perform technical nursing skills such as: IV catheter placement, blood collection, urine collection (cystocentesis, catheterization), taking radiographs, etc. •Ensures supply inventory is sufficient to meet the demands of work area, and that that the work area is kept clean and organized. •Ensures that all equipment is properly maintained documented and any concerns are reported. •Responsible for coordinating breaks, and delegating appropriate tasks to Patient Care Assistants on shift. •Facilitate a positive work environment. •Actively participates in all offered in house CE •Performs other duties as required.


•Graduate of an accredited program for Veterinary Technologists •Registered Veterinary Technology designation preferred •Demonstrated skills, experience and training that would qualify the individual for a position of responsibility REQUIRED CERTIFICATIONS: •Completed AHT Program •RVT

Starting Date: 2017-10-10
Wage: To Be Negotiated
Company Info

Canada West Veterinary Specialists is a 24/7 veterinary hospital. We are staffed 24/7. This position is primarily responsible for patient care including following treatment plans, administration of drugs, monitoring for vital signs and over-all patient assessment. Client communication is an integral part of this role and both communication and hands-on patient care is under the direct supervision of the Specialist and or the Hospitalist on the case. This position is a part of group of Veterinary Technicians working on a rotating schedule to cover all hours of the hospital’s operation.

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