Welcome to the BC Veterinary technologists Association


The Veterinary Technologist (VT) is a college graduate who has trained to be a paraprofessional in the field of veterinary medicine. This individual works under the supervision of a veterinarian in many types of work settings, such as private practice, research, wildlife facilities, zoos, veterinary laboratories, government-regulated health of animals, feedlots as well as some areas related to human health.

Veterinary Technologists work with a wide variety of species, including small animals such as dogs and cats; large animals such as horses, cattle, and other farm animals; laboratory animals such as rats, mice, guinea pigs; and exotics such as birds, monkeys, snakes and other reptiles.

The Veterinary Technologist can be compared to a nurse, paramedic, medical laboratory technologist, anaesthesiologist, radiology technologist and medical receptionist in human medicine. VT’s are trained in all of these areas to enhance patient care and improve the human-animal bond. Broadly speaking, the Veterinary Technologist can perform many procedures, except in the areas of diagnosis, surgery and prescription of medications, which can only be performed by a licensed Veterinarian.

Where can a VT find work?

  • Veterinary Practices (small animal, food animal, equine)
  • Feedlots/Ranches/Dairy Farm (herd health)
  • Wildlife Parks
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers
  • Animal Shelters
  • Zoos
  • Research Facilities
  • Government Veterinary Laboratories
  • Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Pet Food Sales
  • Teaching


  • Founded in 1980.
  • Aug. 05, 1983: Incorporated under the Society Act
  • Feb. 22, 1988: Name change from AHTA of BC (Animal Health Technicians Association of British Columbia) to                                                                     AHTA of BC (Animal Health Technologists Association of British Columbia)
  • Oct. 19, 1994: Occupational Title Protection for the name Registered Animal Health Technologist and the following initials RAHT
  • Jan 16, 2014: Occupational Title Protection name change from Registered Animal Health Technologist to                                                                            Registered Veterinary Technologist (RVT)
  • April 30, 2014: Name change from AHTA of BC (Animal Health Technologists Association of British Columbia) to                                                                 BCVTA (British Columbia Veterinary Technologists’ Association).

Published with permission from NAVTA