For members that wish to exercise a leave of absence, this option was voted on at the April 2010 AGM:

Sustained membership status

  • CE requirements must be met prior to taking a leave
  • No CE credits are required to be submitted during absence
  • Status can be sustained for a maximum of two years
  • May be held a maximum of two times (with at least one year of Active member status in between.)
  • No requirement to rewrite the VTNE on return within 2 years
  • Member pays a reduced fee on return or show 10 CE credits for each year in sustained membership status.
  • Will not receive the quarterly newsletter or magazine
  • The absence of less than one year will be rounded up to a full year.
  • A member must inform the office of their intention to take a year’s leave, prior to leaving

If you are considering a sustained membership status, please contact the office to discussion individual CE status.