Protocol for Assessing CE Event/Speakers/Presenters

The AAVSB and RACE credits are synonymous and are a trusted source for most of our present CE events. At the BCVTA, we believe that by following their guidelines for presenter qualifications we will be able to comfortably assure the integrity of the CE credits issued to our members.

The following guidelines are taken from the AAVSB Standards of Continuing Veterinary Medical Education document. Veterinary Technologist has been added to the guidelines to reflect Canadian Terminology.

Presenter Qualifications


Education Required for Presenters

  • Presenters for a particular continuing education Program shall be competent in the subject matter and qualified by experience.
  • In general, presenters for a given topic should have at least the same level of education or higher as the individuals to whom the Program is to be presented. (ie: a Program for Animal Health Technologists/Veterinary Technicians should be presented by an individual holding at least a degree or diploma from an AVMA/CVMA accredited animal health technology/veterinary technician program or greater).
  • Presenters who do not meet this minimum Standard will be required to submit reference letters from such individuals to support their ability to present the content requested

Qualified presenters for:

a) Scientific/Clinical Programs for Animal Health Technologists/Veterinary Technicians shall:

  • Hold the minimum of a DVM/VMD degree from an AVMA/CVMA accredited veterinary school/college, OR
  • Be a member of the faculty of an AVMA/CVMA accredited college of veterinary medicine, OR
  • Hold the minimum of a degree or diploma from an AVMA/CVMA accredited animal health technology/veterinary technician program OR be a registered or licensed/credentialed animal health technologist/veterinary technician AND
  • Present evidence of special education or training in the subject area to be presented.

a) Non-Scientific Programs: 

Programs that are non-scientific in subject matter, such as Practice Management and Professional Development shall be presented by certified veterinary practice managers (CVPM) or individuals who can provide evidence of sufficient education and special knowledge in the subject matter.

If not a CVPM, the following qualifications should be met:

  • Have three (3) years of practice management or other applicable experience, and/or
  • Provide documentation which demonstrates 18 hours of practice management or other applicable continuing education courses, and or,
  • Provide three (3) letters of recommendation from a CVPM or other individual qualified in the field (MBA or higher) which attests to the presenter’s ability to provide quality continuing education courses.

a) Commercial/Promotional/ Programs:

  • Presenters of Programs which are promotional in nature that provide scientific content shall meet the same educational and experience criteria as for other Scientific/Clinical Subject Matter programs.
  • No program that is primarily promotional in nature, regardless of subject material, will be acceptable.